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Buy Aurogra Online to Deter Male Erectile Dysfunction

Functioning similar as Viagra, Aurogra has the chemical Sildenafil Citrate and utilized for treating erectile dysfunction in men. It is FDA approved drug, thus safe to consume. Impotence or ED in men is disruptive to their sexual function. The problem arises because of the blood vessels in the male reproductive organs receive less blood flow, due to which the person does not get adequate erection.

Sildenafil Citrate in the medication helps increasing blood flow to the said male organ and cures the erectile issues in men. If the medicine is taken in proper doses, then the user gets instant relief from ED. The drug works for both elderly and young adults. But, those with liver and kidney ailments may be specified a lower dosage than optimum Aurogra 100mg so that there is no complication post consumption.

Working of Aurogra 100mg Pills

·         Sildenafil Citrate is the active ingredient in the medicine. It is a PDE5 blocker, which facilitates blood flow to male reproductive organ in order to eliminate erectile failure.

·         The PDE5 enzyme is responsible for causing flaccidness of the organ, because of which the arteries carrying blood to the male organ do not expand, thus result to poor erection.

·         This medication prevents PDE5 ill effects and maintains a good blood circulation to penile organ. The user gains hard erection on arousal at time of intimacy.

·         Today, oral treatments for ED are inexpensive, and men can buy cheap Aurogra from our store to stay potent to at least 4 hours in bed.

Dosage of Aurogra 100mg

·         The standard dosage is defined at 100mg for erectile dysfunction treatment. However, the dosing can be reduced for elderly and young people who have health complaints.

·         The apt way to consume the tablet is to have it with a glass of water an hour before getting intimate. Avoid consuming the product with grapefruit juice or alcoholic drinks.

·         It is recommended to not have more than a pill of prescribed dose, again within 14 hours or a day. Follow doctor’s prescription for best benefits.

Precautions for Aurogra

·         People with health issues related to heart, kidney, high blood pressure, must not utilize this product.

·         In case the user develops allergic reactions to the drug, then he/she must consult a doctor.

·         One can buy Aurogra without prescription, but must take the medicine as per the prescribed norms of dosing.

·         Those on nitrate drugs, PDE5 inhibitors, and blood pressure medicines must curtail from ingesting this medication.

·         In case the person is taking other health treatment, then he must consult with doctor before starting the ED oral treatment.

·         The medicine is not meant for women and children or men who do not have erectile dysfunction.

Side Effects of Aurogra

·         There could be some common side effects to the medication. Some men may experience mild effects such as nausea, dizziness, facial flushing, headaches etc. These aftermaths are easy to deal with as seldom these get severe.

·         If men buy Aurogra adhering to all precautions, and use it as indicated by a health professional, then events of ill-effects are curtailed.

·         In case the medication is overused, the consumer may face serious issues such as painful erection, heart burn, breathing problems etc. For such scenarios, the consumer must seek urgent medical help.

Warnings of Aurogra

·         The medicine effect can be delayed if before consumption of it, the person has had alcohol, oily and fatty foods.

·         It is a myth that this product can cure premature ejaculation or give erection without the person being aroused.

·         Before starting the treatment, the user must have knowledge of interacting drugs so as to avoid those with Aurogra oral therapy for male impotence.

·         The drug has to be consumed wholly in a gulp, not chewed or dissolved in water or any other mode of consumption than what advised.

·         It is not a recreational drug and men who may use it for recreation could be vulnerable to prolonged hurting erection, heart issues and other health problems.

·         The tablet pack must be kept intact and pills must not be stored loose. Best place to keep the medicines are in a dry area, devoid of contact with direct sunlight and moisture.

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