can ship products to any part of the world. Moreover, it has a fast shipping service, which assures order delivery in time. Once a customer places an order, he/she is sure to get the products in short-span, and there is never any delay. People can place order on weekends as well, but the order is processed the next working day. When the items are shipped from our end, the customer is notified through an email, where details about product and order tracking code are sent.
There are several shipment methods to choose from. The most common is delivery within 2 weeks duration and the other, which consumes 7 to 10 working days. Depending on how urgently the person requires the parcel, he/she can select the required shipping type. Our shipping policy is very transparent.
While we promise to never miss a delivery and to deliver items in time, delay if any could conspire only from unavoidable reasons such as natural calamity or conditions not under control of the pharmacy.
·         Customers receive special tracking code for every product shipped. This code is sent via email, with which the person can keep track of the ordered product.
·         We uphold our customers’ right to privacy, thus no information or medication label is displayed on the package. The contents of the packet are handled with great care when packaged. Also, we hand over the package only to the customer.
·         The person can contact our care service in case the parcel is shipped to a wrong address or if the package arrives in damaged state, then one can ask for re-shipment.